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Message from DRC May 2018

Senior Moments

Well, my first CRC is over as DRC for Region VIII and I survived. The CRC went well and we actually finished the chapter reports on time before the President’s Luncheon on Friday which, I believe, hasn’t occurred since I have attended CRCs. Looks like the formula worked and we will be using it again with some modifications in Cancun next year. Thanks everyone who made that possible. I also want a shout out to Fred Gleeson and his team for a very entertaining CRC. Although understaffed, they came through with flying colors and everyone had a great time. Pictures have been on Basecamp CRC and some of them on this website. As they say a picture is worth a 1000 words and they certainly shout “PARTY TIME”.

Kudos to all of the award winners!. I will have these posted in Basecamp CRC and on this website.

As we wind down the ASHRAE year, I again extend my gratitude to all of the hard working and dedicated Region VIII members who selflessly give up their time and resources to make our organization one to be proud to be a part and create lasting bonds and friendship along the way.


  • Speaking of websites, ASHRAE launched their new website and it certainly shows how that functionality to be an enhancement.

  • YEA is now a Grassroots Committee starting in July and, I am sure, we will see many changes as Madison Schultz takes over her new position.

  • We have a LeaDR candidate from the Alamo Chapter, Taylor Rose, who will be shadowing me and Randy Schrecengost at the Annual Meeting in Houston.


  • Three new RVCs will start their position as CTTC/Refrigeration-Peter Sudbeck (Dallas), YEA- Madison Schultz (Central Oklahoma) and RP-Kimberly Thompson (Houston)

  • Mike Beda (NE Oklahoma) has volunteered to head up two regional positions- Regional Newsletter Judging Chair and Chair of the newly formed Regional Honors & Awards Committee.

  • Speaking of committees, I am going to continue and expand the Regional committees to include at least a committee of three for each grass roots committee, newsletter, EEC, Historical, RDC and Honors & Awards:


  • We have a new chapter being created-NW Arkansas. Previously a section, they are in the process of completing the necessary paperwork and, following the motion at CRC, their fate will be voted upon in Houston this June to be a full-fledged chapter starting in July 2018.

  • Monterrey with the assistance of Mexico City and Guadalajara has done a clever way of having Mexico accept 90.1 as their standard through their NORM 20. In addition, Mexico agencies and contractors are being trained by the Mexico chapters in the use of the standard. Nothing like making some monies, getting an audience with potential ASHRAE members as well as having the enhanced reputation of the “go-to” organization rolled into one concept.

  • The Central Oklahoma Chapter has taken the student activity concept to local union apprentices and, with their motion, will show how increasing ASHRAE’s exposure to more student members not only helps the chapter grow but also potentially offers an avenue to fulfill a desperately needed pool of talent for our industry for technical help.

  • Leo Stambaugh and I attended Monterrey’s 20th anniversary as a chapter and it was quite an event. With hundreds of participants, bands playing, awards, speeches and a terrific party, Monterrey ensures that the next 20 years will be spectacular.

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