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Region Events

Over the course of the year, the members of Region VIII will gather for numerous events. Some of these events are hosted by Region VIII while other events are gatherings at Society events. Read below about the events for more information 

Chapter Regional Conference


Our largest event, CRC is hosted by a different chapter each year. The event usually takes place in April.  You can find out more information about CRC here

President-Elect Training


To prepare for CRC, the president-elects of each chapter gather with the Region Officers each February. For more information, head to the President-Elect Training page. 

Winter and Annual Conference


FEBRUARY 1-5, 2020


Winter Conference


At each annual and winter conference, the region will host a region dinner for those members who attend. For more information about our region dinners, stay tunned.

LeaDRs Program

Nick Janssen from Houston chapter was selected as our representative @winter meeting in Orlando. In his words "I believe by shadowing a DRC and regional leader, it will allow me to bring ideas from other chapters back home. Lastly, I think this opportunity may give me new perspective into how I may want to serve the ASHRAE community at the regional or society level in the future. "This program allow a member to shadow our DRC in his activities during this event. For more information here.

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