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Senior Moments

Well this is my last year as your Director and Regional Chair. When I volunteered to be in this position, I did not realize how challenging it was and also how rewarding.  I have been exposed to, during my tenor to some of the best individuals I have known. As I travel around our region, I realize just how strong and committed our ASHRAE members are.  We are truly blessed as a group and it shows in our accomplishments and recognitions within society.  I want to thank everyone in the chapters and the regional leaders for the time and resources that you have expended in making Region VIII the number one region in society and, again, I look forward to an exciting 2019-20 ASHRAE year.

If you aren’t active, please become an active participant.  We can only get better if everyone who is a member, associate member or student member volunteers their time and resources to making our organization more meaningful to all of our members.


The society held their annual meeting in Kanas City from June 21st to June 27th and here are the highlights:

  • The design of the ASHRAE headquarters building is off and running and construction will start in earnest soon.  Occupation of the building is slated for October 2020.Donations for the building fund has started and I urge everyone to please dig deep and contribute to this fund.

  • Strategic plans

  • Goal No.1- Position ASHRAE as an Essential Knowledge Resource for a Sustainable, High-Performance Built Environment

  • Goal No. 2- Maximize Member Value and Engagement

  • Goal No. 3- Optimize ASHRAE’s Organizational Structure to Maximize Performance

  • Goal No. 4- Improve Chapter engagement, capacity and support




Some of our Region VIII members received awards during the Plenary Session at the Annual meeting.  Many Kudos and thanks from our Region for all that they have done for ASHRAE:


  • ASHRAE Technical Paper Award

    • Dennis O’Neal Dallas Chapter

    • Di Lu-Houston Chapter

    • Shima Sadat Shahahmadi & Li Song-Central Oklahoma Chapter


  • Distinguished Service  Award

    • Alonzo Blalock-Ft Worth Chapter

    • Jim Crawford-East Texas Chapter

    • Pam Duffy-Dallas Chapter

    • Gus Faris-Houston Chapter

    • Bruce Flaniken-Houston Chapter

    • Keith Reihl-Houston Chapter

    • Robert Simmons-Houston Chapter

    • Jon Symko-Houston Chapter


  • Exceptional Service  Award

    • Art Giesler-Ft Worth Chapter

    • Bill Klock-Austin Chapter

    • Jeff Spitler-Northeast Oklahoma Chapter


  • Distinguished 50-year Members

    • Sam Toub-Dallas Chapter




  • Leadership Academy is off and running and we have been allotted 5 spots for candidates for 1.5 days in Atlanta a yet to be established weekend in March 2020.  The Regional Development Committee will be in touch with the selected chapter presidents to nominate candidates.

  • Research contributions have again broken records in Region VIII with $540,541 donated and we have shown that we are, by far, the best region in RP donations.  I appreciate everyone who has contributed and, hopefully, we will continue the tradition in 2019-20

  • Houston is the destination for our 2020 CRC.  Please note that the dates are April 23-25, 2020.  Look for more information soon.

  • We formally established a Regional Shreveport Scholarship Fund from the funds from the now defunct Shreveport Chapter.




  • We conducted 2019-20 planning sessions with every Chapter President in the Region

  • Great  response on first reporting of chapter activities

  • More to come on next update…



Jon Symko
Director and Regional Chair


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