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Golden Gavel

The Golden Gavel is awarded to the chapter of the year. This award is judged by a select committee of region members. Guidelines for the Golden Gavel award are revised each year by the DRC and incoming region leadership. These guidelines are available to the Chapter Presidents via the Region VIII CRC Basecamp. 

During the ASHRAE winter meeting in Columbus, OH in 1968, William J. Collins, Jr. of the Central Oklahoma Chapter had several lengthy discussions with George Meffert of Dallas and Jack Thompson, also out of Dallas, concerning ways of stimulating chapter activities in Region VIII.  From these discussions evolved the Golden Gavel Award.  Collins and Thompson formulated the award criteria.  They determined that the award would consist of a golden gavel lapel pin for the chapter president, an emblematic patch for the chapter’s award banner, and an actual golden gavel for the chapter to keep during the coming society year.  For the president’s lapel pin, as designed by Mr. Collins, the president’s diamond past-president pin would be sent to a jeweler to affix a miniature gavel of gold to the bottom of the pin.  The Golden Gavel Past President lapel pin would then be given to the winning president.  The hand-held golden gavel was purchased by Mr. Collins, on which he had inscribed “ASHRAE REGION VIII GOLDEN GAVEL”.  This gavel would be passed from chapter to chapter each year to the new winner.


At the Region VIII CRC in Houston, TX in April 1970, Society President-Elect Frank Bridgers from Albuquerque, NM was so impressed by the effects of the new golden gavel competition among the Region VIII chapters that he conceived the idea of the PAOE.  In January, 1971, at the winter society meeting, President Bridgers announced his award of excellence for the coming society year.


Today, the PAOE is still put forth by the Society President each year defining the official goals for accomplishment, and winning the Golden Gavel competition is still the ultimate achievement of a chapter.

Bill Collins & Lewis L Wickline, 1st Gol



Jack Thompson Award

This award is dedicated to Jack Thompson who created the Golden Gavel Award and was an inspirational member of Region VIII and is the most prestige Regional award given to an individual that embodies the qualities of Chapter Leadership.  This is a regional award (Plaque) given by the Region VIII DRC at the President’s Luncheon at the CRC to the Chapter President that the DRC feels is the most effective Chapter President in the Region. Since it is subjective, each DRC can use whatever formula he/she wants to select the winner.  It can be based on:

  • Chapter improvement

  • Communications with DRC

  • Most impact on the chapter

  • A formula to include the above plus measured goals such as MBO completion, Chapter PAOE, Membership increase, RP increase, timely Reporting, /etc.



Chaparral Award

This is a regional award based on attendance at CRC.



Regional Exceptional Volunteer (REV) Award

This is a regional award (Plaque) given by the Region VIII DRC at the President’s Luncheon at the CRC. It is awarded to the Regional Volunteer that the DRC feels has given the most exceptional performance over the course of the year. Since it is subjective, each DRC can use whatever formula he/she wants to select the winner. 



PAOE Awards (Chapter Presidents)

PAOE Award - Minimum points in 5 of 6 categories

PAOE Award - Honor Roll - Chapter has earned the PAOE Award for at least 4 consecutive years

PAOE Award - Premier - Chapter has earned the PAOE Award every year since the chapter's inception (or since 1970); minimum of 4 years; chapter's 1st year is excluded

PAOE Award - Special Citation - Minimum points in 5 of 6 categories, with >5,500 points total

Star Award - PAR in all 6 categories

Star Award - High Honor Roll - This chapter has earned the Star award at least 4 consecutive years

Chapter Sustainability Award - Certificate awarded to each Chapter that obtains a total of at least 200 points from Sustainability Activities in the Chapter Operations category.

Regional Sustainability Award - Plaque and certificate awarded to Chapter with the highest PAOE Sustainability point total (excluding Community Sustainability Project points)

Community Project Award - Description Needed


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