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Oklahoma Universities receive ASHRAE Research Grants

I am very pleased to announce that two of local universities have received a total of five (5) ASHRAE research grants for a total of $25,000.

Dr. Cai at Oklahoma University received $5,000 for "A closed-loop test bed for air-conditioning and heat pump equipment."

Dr. Bach and Dr. Bradshaw from Oklahoma State University have received a combine 4 ASHRAE grants for $20,000. See below and attached for details.

These two professors have are profoundly involved in with the student branch at Oklahoma State University and I can verify that they are utilizing these grants to the fullest extent. During my chapter presidency my company and I have been personally involved in manufacturing ductwork for RP 1743 and RP 1785. We donated the ductwork for RP 1785. I hope to see continued efforts by our SA chair and our student branches (or local universities) to apply for the available research grants to contribute purpose to ASHRAE mission statement.

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