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Chapter Spotlight: Houston


Chartered in 1939. Rich history of supporting Society and Region including 4 Society presidents, 6 Region DRCs and innumerable Society and Region officers.

Recent Awards:

2016-17 Bobbie J. Vermillion Pinnacle – largest Society RP contribution, 2015-16 & 2014-15 William J Collins RP Award.

Noted People:

Houston Chapter members hold the following Region positions: Jon Symko DRC, Alan Neely RVC-MP, Mike Donovan RVC-RP, Hugh McMillan – Golden Gavel, Keith Reihl – Treasurer.

Current Leadership

President – Bill Chalmers P.E., President-Elect – Ken Shifflett P.E., Vice President - Kurt McCulloch, Treasurer – Greg Tinkler, Secretary – Josh Vanlandingham P.E.

Bragging on Chapter

Houston Chapter takes its responsibility as one of the largest chapters very seriously. A particular emphasis is placed on Research Promotion. Last year over $135,000 was raised, the year before $108,000 was raised and this year over $100,000 is projected. Houston Chapter has many interesting chapter, YEA and WIA events throughout the year. Of particular interest was the 2017 past presidents night guest, Gerald Hines, who is one of the world’s most successful real estate developers who began his career as a mechanical engineer selling HVAC equipment. Mr. Hines shared his memories of ASHRAE and delivered the message of always providing the highest quality.

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