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Seeking Nominations: LeaDRS Program

LeaDRS is an ASHRAE regional program that encourages the development of future regional and Society leaders.

The LeaDRS program allows a Region to select an ASHRAE member to shadow their Director and Regional Chair (DRC) at an ASHRAE conference.

The LeaDRS program is open to all ASHRAE members (it is not restricted to YEA members).

The LeaDRS program is run, funded, and administered by each Region.

Please review the LeaDRS program document for a complete description of the program.

If you are interested in applying for the LeaDRS program, please contact our Region DRC directly: by March 15, 2018.


Feedback from previous LeaDRS participants

“My experience as a LeaDRS participant was better than I anticipated and was much different than my experience as a student at a winter meeting. I attended multiple events that allowed me to see behind the curtain of ASHRAE and understand the inner workings of it all.” Kaylee Haupt, Region III, 2014 Winter Conference Participant

“I was able to meet many people and left the conference with a better understanding of the DRC responsibilities. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who does not have a lot of exposure to ASHRAE on a Society level.” Erik Sanchez, Region X, 2014 Winter Conference Participant

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