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Monterrey Chapter Spotlight

The Monterrey Chapter began its existence first as a section of the Alamo Chapter in 1998 after an invitation made by Leo Stambaugh, Don Holte, Robert Gleeson and Carlos Estrada. Now 20 years later, the Monterrey Chapter has grown since then, to become a driving force not only in the HVACR industry but in the Region as well.

The chapter has been known during the last five years by the high volume of activity in continuous education, student activities and technical programs. For that reason at last year’s CRC, Monterrey won various awards such as the prestigious Golden Gavel Award for the Best Chapter (This is the third time Monterrey Chapter has won this award) as well as Best President, Best CTTC, Best Refrigeration Chair, Best Student Activities, etc.

Besides, we also were been recognized at Society level with the Milton Garland Award at the 2014 winter conference for the contributions of one of our members to develop a sustainable system in the city of Vancouver that recovers heat from sewage.

The current leadership consists of young leaders encouraged and mentored by the founding members of the chapter, who have taken different roles within it, prior to the present officers and Board of Governors. We have developed in various fields of the HVACR industry obtaining academic, professional and personal recognition and awards by Universities and Government. Our interest is focused on the sustainable development of our professional practice. The chapter leaders passionately seek the personal development of the chapter’s members and volunteers.

The Monterrey Chapter encompasses the vision of ASHRAE society: the passion of its volunteers engaged in the development of programs that have long-term repercussions in advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. As leaders, the Monterrey Chapter will be evangelist of the value proposition that ASHRAE can provide to other Associations, Institutions and Government Departments of their locality.

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