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Madison Schultz

Regional DEI Chair

Joe Sanders

Director and Regional Chair (DRC)

Central Oklahoma Chapter

Keith Reihl

Region Members Council Representative (RMCR) 

Houston Chapter

Ron McCarty

Regional Vice Chair - Membership Promotion (RVC-MP)

Arkansas Chapter

Kenneth Shifflett

Regional Vice Chair - Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (RVC-CTTC)

Houston Chapter

Jacqueline Hay

Regional Vice Chair - Student Activities (RVC-SA)

Monterrey Chapter

Chris Dolan

Regional Vice Chair - Research Promotion (RVC-RP)

Central Oklahoma Chapter

Eleazar Rivera

Regional Vice Chair - Government Affairs (RVC-GAC)

Monterrey Chapter

Marisa Higgins

Regional Vice Chair - Young Engineers in ASHRAE (RVC-YEA)

Houston Chapter

Jeanette Hay

Region Communications Chair (RCC) and Region Webmaster

Monterrey Chapter

Christopher Ahne

Region Nominating Committee Alternate

Arkansa Chapter

Mark Fly

Region Nominating Committee Chair

Northeastern Oklahoma

Mike Beda

Region Honors & Awards

Northeastern Oklahoma

Randy Schrecengost

Region Historian

Austin Chapter

John Harrod

Golden Gavel Committee Chair and Region Development Committee Chair

Central Oklahoma Chapter

Vanessa Freidberg

Region Treasurer

Austin Chapter

Pamela Duffy

2024 Chapter Regional Conference General Chair

Dallas Chapter

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