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In Memoriam: Margaret Harrison

I want to share the sad news of Margaret Harrison’s passing last evening after a long battle with cancer. Margaret Harrison is the wife of Region VIII member and 2008-2009 Society President Bill Harrison.

Harrison Energy Partners has always been a family business, and Margaret was the quintessential “mother” to everyone here. She always made people feel like a part of the family. Whether she was hosting in the early days a Christmas party in her home, a lake party gathering for employees, or nursing one of us back to health, celebrating the birth of a child, the wedding of an employee or a company milestone or just making sure we had acceptable decorations for the Cochon de Lait, Margaret always went out of her way to take care of her HEP family.

Margaret and Bill share great passion for the University of Arkansas, where they graduated in 1966 and later both were inducted into the Towers of Old Main, a recognition society for the university’s most generous benefactors. Margaret’s love for the music ministry at Saint James United Methodist Church cannot be understated.

Most of all, Margaret was a true partner to Bill supporting him in everything; from her most important project of raising a wonderful family to helping build a thriving business, to traveling the world with him in service of ASHRAE, Margaret was at the heart of their successes. Mother of four, grandmother to eight, Margaret was a nurturer and kind supporter to all of us here in this business and she will be missed tremendously by everyone that crossed her path.

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